An example of the Bandall's banding productBandall uses a packaging technique called banding, which is being adopted worldwide for a variety of industries. The machines they user are recognized as the most technically advanced banding machines available; featuring a patented system for transporting the banding material around the arch, delivering application accuracy. Banding applies a strip of non-adhesive material around a package or product allowing bundling or secure container closure. Benefits of using this banding technique for your products include: 

  • Distinguishing your products from others
  • More visivility of your products within the packaging (if required)
  • Maximum printing area for consumer information
  • Tamper evidence
  • Serious savings on costs vs. alterantive methods 
  • Siginificant reductions in packaging waste

Tomatoes with a band from BandallProducts bundled and banded using banding equipment are banded damage free with a paper of film band. This offers an affective option to labeling as the band can be printed to display graphic advertising and information- this is proving particularly popular in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. 

Banding doesn't require a carrier substrate (the backing material behind labels.) The process is also non-contact allowing simplicity of application (where labels need to conform to the surface of the package/product.