BandallThe Dutch company Bandall was founded in 1990 under the Dutch name "Com Benelux" and introduced it's first banding machine in 1997. At this point, they changed their name to Bandall International. Bandall develops, manufactures and distributes banding products in over 80 countries. Bandall is successful due to their patented banding system's cost-effective, speedy service. Bandall's noteworthy attributes include: 
  • High production capacity
  • The highest level of banding technology
  • Being cost-effective as well as energy efficient 
  • Reduced packaging materials used due to the option of using thin-bands 
  • Quick turnaround time
  • The 'Ultra Clean Seal' system 
Even while experiencing such strong growth, the company is still a true family business. The number of marketing uses expanded very quickly after the first years the banding machine was created. Bandall is still expanding it's applications. In 2008, they unified their appearance internationally and their slogan became "The standard of banding." 

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