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Disinfect at the speed of light.

Introducing BlueMorph, the newest and easiest way to sanitize anything and everything.

BlueMorph uses CDC approved germicidal UVC-based technology to sanitize and disinfect rooms and vehicles of all sizes (including buses and subways!). The units are easily configurable, sustainable and safe to use.

Comment ça marche

Effective Protection from COVID-19

Bluemorph units can effectively disinfect high-touch areas in less than 10 minutes and have been proven to to be effective on human coronavirus. Creating a safer environment for everyone, quickly and effectively. 

EFFECTIVE:Portrait of a surgeon wearing a surgical mask in a hospital

  • Lab Tested
  • 99.9% effective on human coronavirus
  • Chemical-free .                


  • Disinfect "high-touch/high-traffic" areas and surfaces in vehicles in 6 minutes
  • Simple, no-touch insertion and extraction light source
  • Designed specifically for fleet and car wash operators


  • Built-in operatore safety features
  • No exposure to harsh and dangerous chemicals
  • comprehensive training/operating programs and resources
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We offer two systems to accommodate any situation.0J8A9878


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