Fortress Technology Logo_Black_HighRes-1Canadian based Fortress Technology is a market leader in the industrial metal detector field with manufacturing facilities in four countries and thousands of installations worldwide.  

The success of Fortress is based on Innovative Leading Edge Design, Straight Forward and Simple to use Operator Controls, Rugged and Reliable Construction and Exceptional Performance.

Fortress Engineers pioneered the first use of DSP Technology (Digital Signal Processor) in metal detectors and have developed a complete line of metal detection systems which offer substantial performance benefits and features over competitive systems.

Each Fortress metal detector system is purpose built to maximize detection efficiencies.

In addition to outstanding performance we have built our reputation on providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry.

We continue to work with our client base to provide metal detector solutions and after sales support geared to protect Consumers, Brand Names, Products and Reputations.

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Gravity Detector

Stealth Gravity RT reflection
  • Round or Rectangular Aperture Customized to Suit Application
  • Remote Mounting of Display Panel
  • Flap-gate or Cowbell Diverter Reject Systems
  • Alarms and Fail-Safe System
  • Test Sample Retrieval Drawer
Flour, Rice, Cereals, Powders/Grains, Corn, Sugar, Confectionary, Nuts

Pipeline Detector

StealthPipeline RT reflection
  • BSH Rugged Casing for Harsh Environments
  • Custom Pipe Materials Available
  • Diverter Valve or Custom Reject System
  • Heater Water Jacket / Wrapping for Product Stability Available
Liquids, Meats, Dairy, Soup, Sauce, Paste, Confectionary

Big Bag Detector

Big Bag Detector
  • Achieves Detection of 2.0mm Stainless Steel (316) in most 50-100lb (25-50kg) bags
  • Custom Aperture Sizes for Large Bags
  • Specialized Coil Structure
  • Flanges Optimize Detector Performance
Flour, Powders, Grain, Spices, Confectionery, Bulk Products

Laboratory Detector

Stealth Lab Detector
  • Offline Product Examination
  • Bulk Product Inspection
  • Separate Rejected Material from Good Material
  • Typically Used in Cunjunction with Inline Fortress Metal Detectors
Flour, Rice, Cereals, Powders, Corn, Sugar, Chemicals, Nuts

Vertex Detector

Stealth Vertex Detector
  • Inline Inspection for VFFS Applications
  • Ultra-Slim Design
  • Remote Control Panel with Multiple Detector Control
  • Compatible Mounting for use with Weighing and Sealing Machines
Potato/Tortilla Chips, Snack Foods, Cereals, Corn, Sugar, Powders/Grains, Confectionery, Plastics, Nuts

Vector Conveyor

Vector Stealth conveyor
  • Optimizes Metal Detector Performance
  • Detector Sync
  • Multiple Reject Options (or Custom)
  • Variable Speed
  • Manufactured to Suit Application
  • Hygienic Conveyor Belt
  • Shaft Encoder Available
  • Side Transfer Compatible