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How Can I Benefit from Automated Stretch Wrapping?

Posted by PLAN Automation Blog on Tue, Dec 2, 2014 @ 10:12 AM

Automated stretch wrapping systems have Use stretch wrapping in your packaging automation practicesgrown in popularity among product
manufacturers across countless industries as the most efficient means of distribution and packaging preparation. Stretch wrapping automation technologies can provide complete returns on initial investment costs in less than one year of use by reducing material consumption and waste while optimizing labor within this packaging operation.

The versatility and customization options that automated stretch wrapping machines offer make them worthy components of end-of-line processes for all food, pharmaceutical and dry goods industries. Anything that requires shipment on a pallet can benefit from the introduction of automated stretch wrapping

By integrating these innovative systems in your facility, you can minimize your end-of-line material waste and see significant savings in areas you may have never even considered. Modern stretch wrapping systems are valuable for manufacturers and are available in a range of  models and automation speeds depending on your application.

What Stretch Automation Means for Your Savings and Efficiency

Product distribution is often costly, frustrating business; however,
today’s automationDon't let your packaging automation hurt you technologies ease much of the financial and material strains associated with end-of-line processing and product shipping.

The development of reliable pre-stretch technology that can increase film yield by up to 300% has been a major consideration in the implementation of these systems in manufacturing environments. When combined with the reduced per pound costs of film materials compared to the smaller rolls used for hand wrapping of pallets, material savings alone can often equal the cost of the equipment investment in less than one year depending on pallet volume.

Traditionally, products and packaged goods and the end of your production line stand at risk for poor stacking, shipping damage, ruined contents and compromised packaging. There’s simply so many things that can go wrong during end-of-line packaging and shipment, which can all amount to expensive product replacement and remedial processes.

This is where automated stretch wrapping technologies can help. By enabling tighter product pallet loading and more secure shipment, these systems help manufacturers in various industries minimize the production woes of traditional end-of-line distribution.

These systems offer more control of your facility’s pallet shipping by tightening pallet loads and ensuring product safety from your manufacturing facility to the consumer. These automated solutions form tight, stretch wrap seals around your pallets, protecting your products while also cutting back on material waste.

In traditional applications, overuse of wrapping materials and end-of-line equipment is a common hurdle. By incorporating automated technologies in your end-of-line distribution, you can significantly limit unnecessary material use and get the most out of your production dollar.

Safety at All Levels

Packaging automation and stretch wrapping solutions
generate more than just materialIncorporate automation technology to your end-of-line distribution savings; they give manufacturer’s peace of mind about the safety of both their products and their distribution team.

The most common flaw of conventional packaging is the poor safety of pallets and product loads as they ship from your facilities to consumers. Automated stretch wrapping, which forms a tight, sturdy seal around pallet loads of any size, and with any product, can help you see huge improvements in shipping safety, and ensure that your customers receive your products as intended; in the same
condition as when they left your facility.

This benefit even applies for industries beyond dry goods and dry food packaging; stretch film roping is a common end-of-line automation solution for organic foods industries, such as for vegetables as fruits, which require oxygen to maintain their quality. Breathable stretch roping applications make secure stretch wrapping practical for industries where oxygen and maintaining high organic quality are the norm.

Beyond the safety of your distributed products, automated stretch wrapping systems can improve the security of your end-of-line employees, and practically eliminate the injury risks of traditional distribution processes. Common injuries of product distribution occur during the repackaging and re-banding of pallets that come loose during shipment and pallet movement. With automated stretch film wrapping, the need for repackaging is completely eliminated.

By incorporating automated wrapping technologies at the end of your production line, you can ensure the safety or more than just your products and brand, but also of your workforce.

End-of-line pallet loading, securing and shipping simply doesn’t have to be as challenging or expensive as it can be. When you integrate efficient modern wrapping systems along in your facility, you can cut back on tedious labor time and unnecessary material waste, and maximize your distribution budget.

Most modern packaging automation systems that utilize stretch wrapping or roping come at two variable costs, either fully automated or semi automated. The distinction over the most practical system in your industry comes down to your business’s needs, spending and production speed.

With a range of customization options, and compatibility in virtually limitless industries, automated stretch wrapping machines are the perfect solution for simplifying your end-of-line distribution processes.

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