EAGLE PIThe EAGLE Fat Analysis systems analyze up to a 60lb (28kg) boxes or bulk (120US tons/hour) for chemical lean (CL) value within a 1% margin of error. Unlike traditional sampling methods, the EAGLE Product Inspection DEXA (dual energy x-ray) technology analyzes 100% of the throughput. Cartons can also be tracked by bar code for easy batching and traceability. In addition to the fat analysis, the FA system check weighs and uses the SimulTask software to inspect for contaminants such as: metal, glass, stone bone and wire. The EAGLE Product Inspection line is not affected by freeze/thaw plant conditions, box moisture, metal foil or meat conductivity making the Eagle FA a perfect addition to your production line.    


Eagle Pack 400 HC

  • Eagle Pack 400 HCProvides 400 mm of detection coverage at the belt and is capable of high-speed imaging up to 62 meters per minute
  • Designed for easy and efficient cleaning in the harsh wash-down environments in the following industries: Packaged Meat, Poultry and Dairy
  • Improved robust construction, designed to AMI standards, is welded together, rather than bolted, making its design more sanitary by eliminating food debris collection points
  • Energy efficient water-cooled heat exchanger eliminates the need for a separate air conditioning unit to cool the system and reduces carbon emissions as well as energy consumption
  • Interlocked hinged louvers and easy belt removal increase uptime by reducing the time and labor needed for daily sanitation and assembly

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Eagle Pack 720 RMI (Raw Meat Inspection)

  • Designed for raw meat inspection and shipper (up to 60lb)
  • High Speed Imaging up to 250 FPM / 76 MPM
  • IP69K Construction
  • AMI Rated Construction
  • Capable of multi-lane applications
  • Rack-out and Roll-out conveyors available
  • High-resolution package available
  • Network capable
  • 28" [711 mm] detector coverage

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Eagle FA

Eagle FA
    • Inspects 100% of throughput with better than 1% CL measurement accuracy
    • Line speeds up to 30 cartons per minute or 120US tons/hour
    • FA system reads barcodes from each carton providing the ability to catalog each carton based on CL value
    • Network Capable
    • Multiple inspection capability combined with Fat Analysis provides a fast Return on Investment

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