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Semi-Automatic Table-Top Multi-Head Weighted Platform

Posted by PLAN Automation Blog on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 09:02 AM

The TSDW detects the weight of product on twelve platforms and determines the combination that best meets the programmed criteria. Synchronized individual weigh table conveyor belts then move the selected product onto the collating conveyor belt into a group than can then be easily handled by automated packing machinery. The collating conveyor can be either a single flat belt or two flat belts in a double sloped "V" shaped configuration. The conveyors can easily be removed for cleaning and sterilization.

The rapid detection of product weight and calculation of optimal combination in these weighers permits 20 to 30 combinations to be detected per minute. The resultant reduction in product handling can also reduce damage to product. The very short drop from the weigh table conveyor to the collating conveyor also makes the TSDW suitable for easily damaged product that cannot withstand the drops in fully automated multi-head weighers. Faster production, less give-away and reduced damage all result in better profits. Click to see the TSDW in operation (requires Adobe Flash Player).

The TSDW-205W features a bright fluorescent tube weight display, a full dot LCD auxiliary display, stainless steel construction, an IP42 or IP65 enclosure, memory that holds 100 configurations, and daily weighment totals and analysis. It includes functions for combination by weight, combination by weight and quantity, priority platform combinations, over.under detection, production goals, and self test. The speed of the conveyors have three settings, so they can be adjusted to suit your product line.

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Evaluate Your Case Packing Automation Options

Posted by JP Perreault on Thu, May 22, 2014 @ 08:05 AM

In recent decades, packaging automation has experienced a growth boom and become one of the most active automation technology industries. These machines package and prepare finished goods with an unparalleled and impressive efficiency, saving manufacturers thousands in the long-term and delivering quality packaging solutions with unfaltering reliability.

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