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How to Simplify Commissioning and Project Installation

Posted by PLAN Automation Blog on Tue, Feb 10, 2015 @ 08:02 AM

Build your brand with this technologyIn almost any modern production or manufacturing industry, the process design solutions you choose to integrate within your business can entirely determine the quality of your end products.  Optimal processing solutions are essential for companies in the crowded food and beverage industries, where branding, consistent quality and product safety are of the greatest importance.

It’s because of this necessity for quality control that many businesses within these industries choose to outsource their process design to a committed partner company. For tasks such as procuring or custom engineering equipment, integrating automation controls, or installing solutions within a product line, it’s usually much more effective to have a process design partner complete these tasks than it is to allocate company resources toward them.

By taking on process design tasks on your own, you spend precious company effort and time on technology that may or may not realistically improve your manufacturing process. The quality of your processing will make or break the quality of your end product.

For process decisions that carry this much weight, it’s best to not take unnecessary risks; this includes decisions made for all aspects of design, whether it’s the technological innovations you implement or the programming software you use to manage them.

Building and Managing a Process Installation Team

One major component of effective process design that companies might not consider at first is the actual installation of new technology or upgrades, as well as the trained manpower needed to install and activate new technologies safely. Do you have the engineers, laborers and service experts in your professional network who know how to physically install your new, custom designed equipment?

Unless you have such individuals within your company or network, building the right service team can become a significant undertaking all in itself. However, by hiring a process design partner to oversee installation and commissioning, you gain access to their entire network of engineers, technicians and service personnel. You are guaranteed a safe, professional installation and service team the instant you outsource your company’s process design to a committed partner company.

Don’t put something as important as the safe installation of new technologies to chance; poor installation can have a detrimental effect on your product quality, appearance, taste and production consistency. Rather, use the trusted network of installation/commissioning management specialists that process design partners offer to ensure that only the most skilled personnel work on your manufacturing solutions. This network includes:

  • Outside contractors and hired installation specialists

  • Multiple part and installation equipment vendors

  • Service technicians

  • Client personnel

What to Look for in a Process Design Partner

Caclulator resized 600The benefits and assurance that a committed process design partner provides often make the hiring decision simple for companies in the food and beverage industries. The very way you process products can be what sets your brand apart from competitors within crowded marketplaces. For the sake of your brand, hiring a process partner to handle design, procurement, programming and installation just makes sense.

That said, how do you know what company would best serve your process design needs? What are the best traits to look for in a process management partner?

Often, the biggest indicator of a high quality, reliable process design company is their immersion within manufacturing; their prior work in production and engineering innovation, and a reputable track record of processing success. To find the best process design partner for your company, consider the following quick tips:

  • Have a clear understanding of your own process design needs, such as technical limitations and goals

  • Look for companies with extensive experience in simplifying production lines, while still preserving product quality

  • Aim for a processing partner that has worked with companies and technology commonly used in your industry

To find, engineer and install ideal process design solutions for your business, having a partner company committed to these tasks is a huge asset, which can be the driving force behind your business’s future manufacturing upgrades.

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