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X-ray 101

X-ray 101 LearnUtilizing x-ray inspection technology on your production line can eliminate costly recalls, public relations nightmares and save on high labor expenses that can cost thousands. With X-ray inspection, there is never a reason to close down your inspection line: the EAGLE PI systems are fully functional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The EAGLE PI X-ray inspection systems inspect packaged products in the following areas: check-weighing, metal detection, foreign objects, size, shape and can automatically reject defective items from the product line. 

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    • Evaluating your need for X-ray Inspection
    • How x-ray works
    • Gray Scale and 3D Imaging

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Have questions about X-ray Inspection? The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions on X-ray product inspection.

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White Papers

X-ray inspection white paperEAGLE PI is the premium food safety inspection leaders, with a large global install base supported by a world-class service organization. They have the most complete range of equipment in the industry and continues to build solutions by listening to customers.

They are leading the market in technologies, innovations, patents, knowledge and know-how.

Below is a list of available white papers prepared by EAGLE PI to help shed light on the technology and other aspects of product inspection:

  • How Safe is X-ray Inspection of Food?
  • HACCP and BRC Gobal Standards for Food Safety
  • X-ray, More Than Just Foreign Body Detection
  • Reducing the Risk of Recalls And Costly Damage to the Business
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Video: Capabilities of an X-ray System

X-Ray inspection technology is quickly becoming the industry standard foVideo X-ray Inspection of Foodr all of your product safety and quality inspection needs. 

Here is a video outlining the capabilities of an X-Ray Inspection System from EAGLE X-ray.

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MDX Technology

DEXA X-ray InspectionX-ray inspection has led the field in providing expanded inspection capabilities for years. Now EAGLE Product Inspection introduces its latest x-ray innovation, MDX Technology. MDX Technology enhances traditional x-ray inspection to allow detection of materials previously unseen by x-ray or any other conventional means.

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SimulTask 4.0

Simultask 4.0


EAGLE PI's fifth generation image analysis software is the basis for our reliable "set and forget" line of X-ray inspection systems.

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Additional Information

X Ray product inspection is becoming increasingly more resourceful with new technology by Eagle. This technology is making it easier to detect more harmful chemicals and components in food. The following articles describe the technology and benefits in depth.

Food Engineering: X-ray's double take on inspection detection

The Packer, Everything Produce:  X-ray technology offers greater clarity 

Food Quality News.com:  X Ray Machines Moving On Up


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