X-ray inspection has led the field in providing expanded inspection capabilities for years. Now EAGLE Product Inspection introduces its latest x-ray innovation, MDX Technology. MDX Technology enhances traditional x-ray inspection to allow detection of materials previously unseen by x-ray or any other conventional means.

MDX (Material Discrimination X-ray) uses technology pioneered by EAGLE Product Inspection for use in the security sector. MDX Technology's ability to discriminate materials by their chemical composition (atomic number) allows detection and rejection of historically undetectable inorganic contaminants such as glass shards, rocks, rubber, and plastic. (Plastic detection is dependent on plastic types and requires actual product testing)

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This ability is especially valuable in difficult or "busy" images which contain high variations in image density. The following image is a bag of frozen potatoes containing pieces of two rubber grommets.

MDX Technology

The picture on the left is a traditional x-ray image. As you can see, the varying density of the product image makes it impossible to isolate the contaminants based on traditional x-ray methods. The image to the right uses MDX Technology to easily distinguish the rubber grommets from the product. 

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