X-ray, More Than Just Foreign Body Detection

x-ray-inspectionSince the early 1990s, the food and pharmaceutical industries have relied on x-ray technology to detect potentially harmful foreign bodies, such as glass and metal, to protect consumers and maintain brand reputations.

But can x-ray inspection do more? Could x-ray technology be a multi-tasking defender of product safety and brand quality? This white paper looks at the potential of x-ray inspection to solve a wide range of product safety and quality control issues typically found within food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. It explores how x-ray inspection can detect faulty products before they leave the factory, avoiding product recalls and customer disappointment. It describes how in a single pass – and at high line speeds – x-ray systems can perform several inspection tasks simultaneously. 


  • 1 Why Use X-rays to Inspect Products?
  • 2 How Does X-ray Inspection Work?
  • 3 X-ray Inspection Sees What You Can’t See
  • 3.1 Measurement of Product Length, Width, Area and Volume
  • 3.2 Identification of Missing or Broken Items
  • 3.2.1 Detection of Damaged Products 
  • 3.2.2 Detection of Missing Products
  • 3.2.3 Insert Inspection
  • 3.3 Measuring Mass and Monitoring Fill Levels
  • 3.4 Product-in-Seal Inspection
  • 4 Conclusion: No Shocks or Surprises