HACCP and BRC Global Standards for Food Safety


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describe the imageHow X-ray Inspection Equipment Can Aid Compliance

Food manufacturers worldwide are under mounting consumer and legislative pressure to be able to guarantee the safety and integrity of their products. Certification to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognised standard has become increasingly important. It helps food manufacturers bestow confidence to their retail channels that products coming off their production lines are safe.

EAGLE'S latest white paper is indispensable for food manufacturers as it shows how integrating x-ray inspection systems into a company-wide x-ray inspection programme can play a pivotal role in helping manufacturers adhere to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety version 6 and its requirements for traceability, quality control, foreign body detection, hygienically-designed equipment and equipment calibration.


  • 1. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • 2. HACCP
  • 3. GFSI-recognised Standards
  • 4. Due Diligence
  • 5. BRC Certification
  • 6. The BRC’s Requirements
  • 7. Conclusion