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Here is a list of just some of the advantages Wexxar-BEL holds over their competitors!

Pin & Dome Technology

As flat case blank is injected into the two facing plates, the pins goes into the flutes and the dome pinches the corrugated tightly. The two plates then open to 90 degrees to perfectly square the case. Since no compressed air is used in this process, it greatly decreases contamination and is more durable than vacuum cups which can clog and wear.

Safety & Ergonomic Features

Floor level tending reduces strain; every machine Wexxar builds is fully guarded from in-feed to out-feed, interlocked safety guarding throughout the machine; easily accessed control and assemblies; palm e-switches located on both sides.

Dynamic Flap Folding

Wexxar case formers have a dynamic flap folding system. As long plow rails aren't used, the overall length of the machine is significantly more compact. All four of the flaps are power folded in one position.

Compliant Uni-Drive Belt

Each of the two facing unidrive drive belts is mounted on a spring mechanism. This allows a constant pressure to be exerted on the case, despite normal variations in case width. Even heavy cases are handled carefully and with great control.

Servo Motion Control

Where a movement can be fast, the mechanism quickly gets to a specific position; it can then slow down to ensure a process takes place with the optimum pressure and speed, such as a forming head creating a tray.

Non-Contacting Sensors

Proximity sensors are able to have a much greater operating lifetime and don't cause jams than contacting sensors.

In-Line Operation

By keeping the intake and outflow of the machine in line with the rest of the line, aisles are kept free, safety is improved and space is saved.

Simplicity of Construction

By planning through each step in the construction of the machine and its materials, Wexxar is able to greatly reduce potential problems.

Small Footprint

Compact operations allows Wexxar's machine to fit into virtually any application and production line.

Integrated Controls

Connecting each machine in the full production line through common equipment and protocols reduces complexity and problems while increasing overall control.

Feed Magazine

Wexxar's extraordinarily large feed magazine option allows much longer operating periods without restocking and supervision

Washdown Configuration

EnviroGuard I and II Level One - lower parts of the machine protected against incidental splashing from caustic agents. Level Two - machine protected against direct washdown with non-corrosive cleaning agents and protected against incidental splashing from caustic detergents. Call for list of parts and protection methods.


When a machine is locked out, it cannot be operated until all the safety features are in place.

Paint-Free Construction

No paint: no contaminating flakes, no extra maintenance required.

UL-Listed Electrical Panels

Wexxar meets or exceeds all standards, requirements and specifications

NEMA Electrical Specifications

Wexxar meets or exceeds all standards, requirements and specifications