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Here is a list of just some of the advantages Orion holds over their competitors!

  1. Orion uses Allen Bradley controllers, which are reliable and easy to troubleshoot, repair, or replace.
  2. Orion uses many non-proprietary, locally available parts.
  3. Orion features a separate UP and DOWN carriage speed on many models, which gives the user more control of how much film is applied to the load.
  4. Orion features an Insta-Thread film carriage on most models, which means NO hands in pre-stretch.
  5. Orion's powered pre-stretch force to load control uses non-contact, non-wearing film speed control, which is very accurate and precise.
  6. Orion has made the NEMA 12 dirt and dust sealed control box standard on most models.
  7. Orion offers High and Low profile models to match the application for which it is needed.
  8. Orion has made the turntable semi-automatic models forklift portable from both the front and the rear.
  9. All Orion models have a sturdy, durable steel construction, built from either structural steel or heavy gauge sheet steel.
  10. Orion features REVO-LOGIC on most models, which applies accurate top and bottom wraps, saving the customer film and money.
  11. Orion offers14 RPM rotation speed to allow for higher throughput.
  12. For stability and durability, Orion uses more casters to support the turntable on turntable high profile models.
  13. Orion features a 260% standard pre-stretch level on most models, which can save large amounts of film and money over time.
  14. Orion models have a compact, space-saving design.