Vertical Semi Automatic & Automatic



Rennco provides vertical semi automatic and automatic bagging solutions utilizing centerfolded packaging material. Rennco continuously incorporates the latest technology in designing and manufacturing its complete line of packaging machinery and systems. Whether using a standard sealer for a hand-loaded application or integrating a system to totally automate your packaging line, Rennco is committed to providing you with state of the art, quality equipment.

Vertical L Bar Sealer 501

Semi-Automatic Vertical Bagging Machine


The Model 501 vertical L bar sealer is one of the largest models offered. This unit benefits customers with substantial film savings versus pre-made bags on a roll. Especially on cylindrical products and products that are longer than they are wide - products like stacks of cups, bolts of cloth, curtain rods, etc.

The 501 can incorporate a trim wind up for scrap removal or be configured in a “trimless” manner (thus scrap is left attached to the package versus being waste) along with a light screen cycling mechanism and perimeter interlocked guarding.

Optional features on the bagger include a trim break detection eye, hole punch for air release, pin perforator assembly along with a multitude of other features..

When you utilize the Model 501 series vertical L bar sealer, you receive a versatile packager to produce package sizes from 2” x 2” up to 24” x 65” (depending on series of machine).

Some products that have been packaged on the Model 501:

  • Rolls of Gift Wrap
  • Stacks of Bowls
  • Plumbing Parts
  • Rolls of Carpet
  • Ventilator Kit
  • Stacks of Cups
  • Tissue Paper

Vertical L Bar Sealer 301

Semi-Automatic Vertical Bagging Machine


The Model 301PP is like the Model 301 however the "PP" pouch pack version has an inverted seal system whereby the horizontal seal bar is below the vertical seal. This allows for ease in running multiple loose items. Products are fed to the packager by means of an infeed chute that can be hand loaded or automatically fed from upstream equipment. The Model 301PP packager is ideal for kit packaging of multiple items in up to a 18" x 24" package size.

Providing several optional features to ensure product quality, the 301 Pouch Pack could be equipped with a small bucket horizontal conveyor, a bucket incline conveyor, an easy open perforator, film registration eye, hole punch, and many other desired features. Advantages to using the 301 pouch pack vertical L bar sealer include a user-friendly HMI and programmable changeover, along with significant cost savings over using pre-made bags.

Some products that have been packaged on the Model 301PP

  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Tubes of Frosting
  • Injection Molded Parts
  • Plastic Toy Parts
  • Cable Ties

Vertical L Bar Sealer 201 Pouch Pack

Semi-Automatic Vertical Bagging Machine


The Model 201PP packager is a small footprint size like the Model 201 however the "PP" pouch pack version has a different sealing arrangement. The horizontal seal bar is below the vertical seal allowing for ease in running multiple loose items. The items are fed to the packager via an infeed chute that can be hand loaded or automatically fed from an upstream system.

The Model 201PP packager is ideal for kit packaging of multiple items in up to an 8" x 10" package size.

Built for quality production, the Model 201PP provides optional features to enhance the speed and ability of the Model 201PP. Bucket infeed conveyors are available to automate the loading process for integration to upstream feeding equipment. A variety of optional features are available such as static eliminator, film registration eye, pin perforator assembly, trim break detection eye, just to name a few. If you need a quality machine built to meet customer demands, the 201 pouch pack is the perfect solution for your loose part projects.

Some products that have been packaged on the Model 201PP:

  • Rice Hulls
  • Hardware Items
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Promotional Items
  • Brake Repair Kits


Bulk Packaging System

Automatic Vertical Bagging Machine


This bulk packaging system is an automatic vertical bagging unit that provides consistent and continuous production for many items that require bulk packaging including bottle caps, lottery pogs, puzzle pieces. The bulk packaging system is easily interfaced with scales, counters and/or feeders for automatic loading.

Multiple items are loaded into the web of film and once the correct weight or count is achieved, the bag is produced. With gating mechanisms, the upstream loading continues while the bag is being made; thus offering maximum output capacity.


Automated Pocket Infeed System Model SPS Infeed System

Automatic Vertical Bagging Machine

Rennco's pocket infeed conveyor (SPS) can be interfaced with a Model 301 or Model 501 packager for a complete automated packaging system. Items are placed into the pockets of the conveyor where they are then advanced and transferred automatically via an overhead servo pusher mechanism into the web of packaging material. This infeed conveyor can be manually loaded or interfaced with upstream equipment depending on the packaging application.


Automated Pusher Infeed Systems Integrated with Model 301 or Model 501

Automatic Vertical Bagging Machine


Rennco can provide a multitude of various infeed systems intergrated with our line of vertical packaging systems to offer a complete solution for your packaging application.

All infeed systems can be custom designed to meet the application requirements.

Systems have been designed with single load stations to multiple stations, infeed hoppers, overhead servo pushers, etc. Contact us to discuss your specific application.