X-ray 101

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Case Erecting, Forming, and Sealing 101: Pin and Dome Technology

Wexxar's ultra reliable case forming technology Pin and Dome has been proven to surpass all other forms of case opening technologies in its ability to give continuous repeatable output regardless of corrugated quality.

Unlike vacuum case formers, Pin and Dome is a simple maintenance free mechanical system that ensures maximum uptime.

This system consists of two hardened steel pins which operate in conjunction with a raised steel dome. The case is thrust upward onto multiple Pin and Dome modules which permit the domes to guide the pins precisely into the flutes of the corrugated. The result of this is to clamp the outer skin of the case, giving unparalleled grip on the panels of the case.

The Pin and Dome modules are mounted on opposing hinged plates. Each positively separated case is thrust upward between these plates onto the Pin and Dome modules. The plates are then hinged open by a positive action and with it the case is forced to open.

This provides a superior case erecting system that overcomes the various shortcomings of vacuum case erectors.



Case Erecting, Forming, and Sealing 101: Case and Tray Terminology

A package comprising of a case containing a bag which closely fits the case and contains the product.

A box with 3 components: main body and 2 end panels. It's made to be formed and glued on automated equipment. Chief advantage is stacking strength.

Center special slotted corrugated container: major and minor flaps meet at the center. Similar to RSC regular slotted container.

Incorrect term for corrugated box materials; not applicable for container materials

Method of sealing the flaps of a cases; may be cold glue, hot melt, or tape

Cold glue
A method of sealing cases with cold resin adhesives, usually applied as a spray or extrusion

Corrugated board
A combination of corrugated medium materials between 2 flat facings

Die cut
A custom-made steel die used to cut corrugated fibreboard before it is folded and joined

Edge crush test (ECT)
Standardized measurement of the compression strength of a column of corrugated board

Fibreboard (Fiberboard)
Fabricated paperboard utilized in container manufacture, may be corrugated or solid construction

The closing members of a box

The corrugations of fibreboard glued to multiple facings

Gap flap
Technique of designing a case with shorter than normal flaps to save cost, requires glue closure

Half slotted container, with flaps only on one end

Hot melt
Thermoplastic adhesive, heated to liquid form and applied to seal both case and tray flaps

Knock down depth

Knock down length

Layer pad
A sheet of card or corrugated board used to stabilize a pallet or loading unit

Paperboard used for the flat facings on corrugated fibreboard

Loading unit
Generally a palletized load, but including assemblies of group packages which are not on pallets.

A mechanical assembly designed to hold stacks of cartons, carton blanks, leaflets, labels, lids or stackable containers.

A mechanical assembly around which a tray or bliss box is formed.

Manufacturer's joint
A flat piece of corrugated that has been cut, slotted and scored, is called a box blank. For some box styles two parts of the box must be joined together. The way to join the joints is either by glue, tape or staples. This joint is known as the manufacturer's joint.

Overlap flaps
A box design where top and/or bottom flaps extend partially or fully one over the other.

Programmable logic control; is programmed with the electronic commands for operating a machine through the various stages of its cycle

A term embracing all types of packages e.g. bottles, cans, cartons, bags etc.

Regular slotted container; all the flaps are the same length and the lengthwise flaps meet at the center of the box

Rigid container
A term embracing bottles, jars, drums, barrels, kegs, pails, cups, tubs, ampoules, vials, cans and composite cans.

An impression or crease in corrugated fibreboard to locate and facilitate folding

A cut in fibreboard which doesn't remove material

Tape head
A mechanical device designed to dispense pressure sensitive tape

Used to seal cases, available in pressure sensitive or gummed adhesive types

Solid, one-piece bottom instead of a bottom formed by folding and sealing bottom flaps