Poultry Bone Detection - Videos

Our 400 RMI X-ray System was engineered to meet the stringent inspection demands of the poultry industry.  The unique design allows for enhance poultry bone inspection (chicken and turkey) of both young and mature birds (wishbone, rib bone, fan bone, etc.) and in all types of boneless products: Fillet, Trim, Breasts, Tenders, Nuggets, Thigh, etc.

Best Available Inspection Capabilities:

  • Detection of bones in young and mature birds
  • Bone detection down to 2.0mm - 3.0mm
  • Metal detection down to 0.6mm - 1.0mm for Fe, Non-Fe and SS
  • Other contaminants detection Glass, Stones, High Density Plastic and Rubbers, Etc.

Also, you can discover why our Eagle PI x-ray systems are the best solution for detecting bone contaminants in poultry. 
Get the answers you want from the x-ray experts who know your business! You can also watch the videos below for more information on our technology:

Direct Poultry Uses X-ray Technology to Detect Chicken and Turkey Bones and Provide High Product Quality:


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