Poultry Inspection Made Easy

The 400HCP Poultry Enhance X-ray Inspection system



Eagle PI is proud to introduce the new 400HCP Poultry Enhance X-ray Inspection system.

The 400HCP was engineered to meet the stringent inspection demands of the poultry industry.  The unique design allows for enhanced poultry bone inspection of both young and mature birds for (wishbone, rib bone, fan bone etc.) in all types of bonesless products such as fillet, trim, tender, nugget, thigh, etc.

Eagle PI designed their system to allow for easy integration to any deboning process and can also be equipped with a multitude of purposed-build modules such  as a de-boning in-feed section, reject mechanism, re-circulating re-work light stations, etc.  This allows for higher throughput, better line efficiency and lower labor cost.

Best Available Inspection Capabilities


- Detection of bones in young and mature birds
- Bone detection down to 2.0mm - 3.0mm 
- Metal detection down to 0.6mm - 1.0mm for Fe, Non-Fe and SS
- Other contaminants detection: Glass, stones, high density plastic and rubbers, Etc.











Actual Detected Poultry Bones

  • chicken_bones_1.png
  • chicken_bones_2.png
  • chicken_bones_3.png
  • chicken_bones_4.png
  • chicken_bones_5.png
  • chicken_bones_6.png
  • chicken_bones_7.png
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