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Don't Miss Out On the Advantages of Metal Detection

Posted by PLAN Automation Blog on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 10:11 AM

When it comes to product quality and safety assurance, innovative metal detection technologies are a viable, efficient alternative to more expensive x-ray inspection technologies.

They’re the ideal solution for detection across the entire
range of metals, in virtually anyReap the Benefits of Metal Detection industry and at any point in manufacturing production lines. Even beyond base detection capabilities, today’s detectors can be customized with an extensive range of engineering innovations, which improve performance with certain products and compatibility with existing systems.

Metal detection technology is one of the most beneficial and productive solutions for manufacturing quality control and product inspection needs.

Costs and Detection ROI

Product manufacturers who integrate metal detection systems in their facilities return their  purchasing investments in a short time, as these machines effectively eliminate metal contaminants and the risk for recalls.

By offering metal contaminant detection at affordable costs,
today’s metal detection technologies can help product
manufacturers maintain a high quality standard at any
point in aAvoid a Product Recall production operation.

Just like many other safety control applications  prevention is key for consistent, top quality products; prevention of contaminants, and of compromised or unsatisfactory products reaching distribution.

When you consider your company and the general public, all values are built on your brand, kind of the intangible “face” of your company. Your brand is compromised if your product “ quality” directly affects your brand in consumers’
eyes. Maintaining your product quality with metal detection
tools, like those created by Fortress Technology, is one of
the surest ways to keep your brand image in the best public regard.

High Sensitivity for High Quality Results

Industrial metal detection systems are able to bring such immediate benefits to businesses, and in such a wide array of industries, due to their extensive flexibility  and their ability to detect all metal types.

These innovative systems detect metallic particulates in products by recording and reporting on any disturbances in an electromagnetic field, with either high frequency balanced coil designs or powerful electro magnet configurations.

Today’s innovative systems can effectively detect metallic contaminants in both “wet” and “dry” products, in production lines responsible for everything from dairy and meat to frozen solid goods and snack foods. These detection systems can scan products for contaminants across the entire metallic range, and with even the most miniscule presences.

If you have any of the following metals involved in your production operation, we highly recommend considering an advanced metal detection system for your quality control needs:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Nonmagnetic stainless steels, particularly 316 and 304 series
  • Steel

Engineering Innovations for Unique Applications

Perhaps the greatest advantage metal detection technologies have over other product inspection and quality control tools is their customizability. Innovations to detection and modern equipment solutions make it possible for manufacturers to personally tailor detection equipment for their unique needs, products and facilities.

As metal detection systems are reliable safety inspection solutions and virtually any level of a production operation, having a myriad of choices makes it easy for producers to not just find, but create the best fit for their operations.

The many metal detection options available for your business can be generally defined under two main categories: detection configuration and optional additions.

As for configuration itself, there is a sizeable range of options, making metal detection a viable possibility for manufacturers in a variety of industries:

  • Wash-down conveyor belt systems
  • Dry clean metal detection systems
  • In-process free fall gravity detectors
  • Free fall slim line systems between  filler & packaging
  • Tablet press/Encapsulator systems
  • Large aperture high sensitivity metal detectors
  • Web surface detectors
  • Vent tube metal detection systems
  • In-process pipeline detection systems.

Beyond basic configuration types, modern innovations to metal detector technology also include the following options, which can be used to push detectors to peak performance inSee Peak Performance for Your Products with Metal Detection various given industries:

  • High pressure chute liner
  • Tuned receiver coils
  • Tuned high voltage transmitters
  • Simultaneous multi frequency transmitters
  • Digital electronics
  • Modular electronics
  • FM-Multiphase detection algorithms
  • Waveform discrimination algorithms
  • Ethernet port and networking capabilities
  • USB port
  • Cast coil search head construction

To learn more about what metal detection can bring to your business, or for more information on product-specific customization options, contact us today.

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