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Choosing the Ideal Stretch Wrap Machine for the Application

Posted by Paul Slipper on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 08:04 AM

Integrating stretch wrapping machines into your production operation is a large step towards a more efficient and productive business. However, these machines are also great investments, so knowing exactly what type of wrapping machine and model ideally suits your company or production is a critical first stepping stone.

Here, we have outlined the models contemporary stretch wrapping machines can come in, as well as their strengths and most effective applications.

A Variety of Options

Today’s industrial stretch wrap machine models can come with a broad range of applications for standard operations, or specialized functionality for unique operations. Understanding what each of these models can do for your production line, and how compatible certain models are with specific packaging processes is the greatest asset you can have in selecting the ideal stretch wrap machine for your business.

Modern stretch wrap models, like those manufactured by Orion Packaging Systems, come in a large variety of diverse machinery, each equipped with innovative engineering and capabilities to effectively suit any wrapping application. Below, we have listed some of these models, as well as their most effective areas of use:

  • Six-sided stretch wrappers, which effectively and strongly lock packaging pallets, increasing uptime and lowering pallet packaging costs
  • Window and door stretch wrapping machines, which specialize in wrapping one or multiple flat door and window products
  • Rotary tower wrappers, which are well suited in warehouse setting and can be mounted on optional two- or three-way stands, for maximum coverage
  • Turntable pallet wrapping machines, which are typically fully- or semiautomatic machines, and deliver much lower costs of stretch film as less is used than hand stretch wrapping
  • Conveyorized wrapper machines, also fully- or semiautomatic, effectively lower time spent handling loads, while offering very productive throughput speeds

Each of these options drastically streamline the stretch wrapping and packaging process; a careful examination of what kind of model ideally suits your production business, as well as knowing what kind of investment your company is willing to make for quality stretch wrapping equipment, can ease this decision process.

The two most common models, turntable wrapping machines and rotary tower wrapping machines, are available in both semiautomatic and fully automatic options.

Turntable stretch wrapping machines are ideal for heavy pallet wrapping applications, and can effectively hold and wrap thousands of pounds of material due to their sturdy, load-bearing base frames. These machines are very compatible in environments requiring either pallet jack or forklift loading, and are some of the most rigid stretch wrapping machines available on the market.

Rotary tower wrapping machines are an ideal stretch wrapping choice for unstable or extremely heavy loads, as loads are typically placed on the ground or conveyor systems. These models are also well suited for areas requiring frequent cleaning, as the floor around the machine is easily to reach.

Manual, Fully or Semiautomatic?

Automation in stretch wrapping machines is arguably the technology’s greatest benefits to packaging operations. The speed and efficiency with which automated wrapping machines package and wrap products often pays for the unit’s initial investment cost within mere months. While manual hand wrapping will get the job done, the amount of hours spent and labor resources drained are major concerns in any size packaging and distribution operation.

Semiautomatic stretch wrapping options vastly improve on the traditional wrapping process, largely freeing workers from attending the wrapping process; all semiautomatic stretch wrapper operators must do is attach the wrapping film to their product, start the equipment and cut the excess wrapping at the end of the process. During the time of wrapping, that operator can instead focus their work efforts and time on other duties.

Improving on semiautomatic stretch wrapping, fully automatic stretch wrappers essentially eliminate the need for any human interaction; the machine does it all, from attachment, to wrapping to cutting excess and finishing the process. These machines completely absolve companies of the need for wrapping personnel, allowing the companies to reassign those operators to more productive and beneficial tasks.

Whichever option is best for your company, both semiautomatic and fully automatic stretch wrapping options vastly increase the productivity of your workers and efficiency of your wrapping operation. This increase in productivity and product output helps these machines pay for themselves in short time.

Customization and Additional Components

There are many other optional features and variants that can be used alongside modern stretch wrapping machines to generate even greater returns and ease operation, including:

  • Robotic and manual corner board applicators, which affix corner boards to large pallet loads.
  • Infeed and in-process top sheet dispensers, to protect the top layer of pallet loads
  • Accessible operator interfaces and software
  • Automatic Film Force-to-Load Control
  • Strong power pre-stretch features
  • Range and versatility of different wrap patterns

Naturally, customization options to improve the performance of you stretch wrapping operation will result in a greater initial investment, but the efficiency and results these adjustments and additions deliver make these options well worthwhile for many manufacturers and production managers. 

Together, as a complete package, choosing the ideal stretch wrapping machine for your applications all comes down to how much your business is willing to invest in quality stretch wrap machinery and what models or variations are best suited to your operational needs.

To learn more about choosing the perfect stretch wrapping machine for your business, contact us directly or download our free eBook, “Specifying the Ideal Stretch-Wrap Machine for the Application.”

Specifying the Ideal Stretch-Wrap Machine for the Application - Plan Automation

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