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The Benefits of a Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Posted by PLAN Automation Blog on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 20:07 PM

Matrix Orion VFFSFor in-house bagging operations in manufacturing and processing facilities, reliability plays a key role success; just as great a role as efficient bagging, design simplicity and unique, application/product-specific parameters. When choosing a vertical form fill seal machine for your manufacturing operations, you’ll want to find the right technology for your best-selling products, which will return on its investment with high quality results.

Systems for a Range of Applications

Today’s vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) can serve effectively in a wide variety of industries, and meet any production and packaging demands set upon them be these unique industries. When it comes to packing products with high volume efficiency, manufacturers in the following industries know the significant role VFFS machines can play in their production lines:

  • Hard candy, snack and confection industry
  • Meat and poultry industry
  • Dried meat industry
  • Pet foods and pet treat industries
  • Coffee and other ground, powder food products
  • Dairy and cheese industries
  • Liquid and chemical industries
  • IQF (frozen food) product industries

When it comes to effective packaging and bagging in any of these industries, manufacturers almost always seek out innovative VFFS solutions; these machines are usually selected for their easy operation, unique model specializations and unmatched reliability.

Technological Innovations of VFFS Machines

For manufacturing applications, and food packaging in particular, manufacturers want to most up-to-date and advanced technology they can find. By keeping current with modern VFFS systems, like those created by Matrix Packaging, companies can boost their bagging speeds with the most versatile equipment on the market. Even more impressive is that today’s VFFS manufacturers can build machines that fit any size or format production line.

The countless technological features of modern vertical form fill seal machines include:

  • Stainless steel makeup
  • Minimal carbon and energy footprints
  • Touch-screen integration
  • Modular design
  • Self-centering film drive down systems
  • Compatibility with virtually any small-medium bag packaging, from 3” length to 15.5”, and 2” to 11” width; larger machines can handle even larger bagging sizes
  • Bilingual interfaces
  • Speeds exceeding 150 bags per minute
  • Automatic edge guidance and film tracking systems
  • Integrated temperature control

Additionally, these reliable machines are often connected to USB-based data systems for easy storage options and analytics, allowing manufacturers to check their machines’ performance and accurately measure bagging operations.

Furthermore, VFFS machines now come with a huge list of customizations and specialized equipment, which vary with each machine and fit specifically for unique industries. What this means for manufacturers with bagging operations is that there will be a VFFS machine specifically suited for their precise needs.

These customizations include such options as:

  • Adjustable back seals (edge or center)
  • Flat bottom bag attachments
  • Pneumatic jaw availability
  • Tool-free film changeover
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Vacuum pull belts

What this means for you, the manufacturer, is that even beyond choosing a unique VFFS model for your facility, there are many application-specific customization options you can opt for to get the best performance out of your vertical form fill seal systems.

The Bigger Picture

With all these technical benefits and industry versatility options, you may be wondering how a vertical bagging system pays for its initial investment in the long run; “how can this technology improve my packaging operation on the grander scale?”

By using highly efficient heating jaws and incredible packaging rates, VFFS systems can significantly cut your bagging time and increase your general product output. With built-in data monitoring technology, these machines can detect when a product or obstruction is caught between a potential sealing point, helping you identify faulty seals and bags with unbeatable precision.

Durable, unfathomably easy to use and reliable under any application, modern VFFS systems are the go-to solutions for product bagging manufacturers worldwide. These solutions also cut back on running costs, as they can process more packages in less time than other options; even better, these machines largely support themselves, limiting the direct maintenance requirements for an efficient system.

Most of all, what a high efficiency vertical form fill seal machine can do for you is provide you with the best performance, reliability and quality packaging available. With seamless changeover speeds, huge value per investment dollar and absolutely minimal maintenance needs, these innovative machines pay back on their investments over short time by automating the entire packaging process.

If you are a manufacturer interested in learning more about the great benefits of VFFS system benefits, or would like to find out more about the many unique vertical bagging system machines offered by Matrix Packaging, contact us right away.   

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