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8 Benefits of Using an Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Posted by Mat Bedard on Fri, Oct 27, 2017 @ 12:10 PM

Stretch wrapping machines, like the Orion Sentry, can help improve safety and efficiency on the warehouse floor.Packaging is the final step of your production line, but the first thing that your customers see after your products are delivered. Efficiency and consistency are the two most important elements of any successful packaging. Good stretch wraps will protect your pallets from dust, damage and other forms of tapering. Although wrapping pallets isn’t complicated, hand stretch wrapping causes inconsistencies. Companies are now finding it easier to invest in stretch wrapping machines that can comply with their unique daily operations.

Advantages of Wrapping Your Products with a Stretch Wrapping Machine

A stretch wrapping machine helps in wrapping parcels, boxes and containers or other forms of products that are to be stored or transported. Stretch wrapping your goods or products offers some benefits including:

1. Protection of Goods from Damage, Dust and Moisture

When you use the right stretch wrapping machine, it will ensure that your goods are securely wrapped to avoid any potential damage from dirt, dust, or moisture.

2. Improved Safety

A stretch wrapping system will keep your operator on the forklift which, in itself, is a safety measure. According to a recent survey, it was discovered that 20 percent of all forklift accidents involve people walking around the warehouse floor. Therefore, keeping the operators on the forklift keeps them from the floor and focused on the tasks ahead. Hand stretch wrapping causes wear-and-tear injuries, and upgrading to an automatic stretch wrapping machine will protect your employees.

Automatic stretch wrappers require very little interaction from their operators. By simply pulling a cord from the forklift, it gets the pallet or goods wrapped. Additionally, the machine also ensures consistent wrapping that is safe and ready for transportation, while a manually wrapped pallet can easily topple and cause damage to your goods and the handler.

3. Saves Time

By investing in a wrapping machine, you will save a lot of time. Manually wrapping pallets, boxes and other products can be tedious and also time-consuming. However, wrapping your goods and boxes for storage or transportation with an automatic stretch wrapping machine will save you a lot of time and effort that you can use in other important business processes.

4. Save on Film Costs

Compared to hand wrapping, both semiautomatic and automatic stretch wrapping machines will save your business money on high film costs. Automatic stretch wrapping machines have two film thread rollers where the second rollers’ rotational speed is higher than the first, and this stretches the film. This increases the tensile strength of the film and reduces the overall costs. Rotary tower automatic stretch wrapping machines are more efficient.

5. Faster Packaging

An automatic stretch wrapping machine with an enabled PLC control will aid in fastening the packaging process and help meet the bulk packaging requirements in your business. Stretch wrapping machines from Orion can be customized to fit your unique requirements. This is better than going for a regular machine with standard specifications, features, and accessories.

6. Efficient Product Wrapping

When you use a stretch wrapping system for all your bulk packaging business requirements, you can ensure consistency in wrapping your products with a similar stretch and efficiency which otherwise wouldn’t be possible through hand stretch wrapping. The manual wrapping process has variations in the stretch and efficiency of packaging your products. This means that an automatic stretch wrapping machine will ensure better packaging of your boxes, pallets, and products at your workplace.

7. Increased Productivity

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting more work done in less time? An automatic stretch wrapping machine will put your business on the path to efficiency. Your operators won’t have to wait for the start and stop of wrapping cycles. With the placement of a pallet on a conveyor or pulling of a cord, the wrapping starts and stops automatically. The Orion entry-level portable automatic stretch wrapping machine Flex HPA has a 15 RPM variable speed, and it has a maximum load weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. From here the automatic stretch wrapping machines only get faster. The fastest Orion automatic stretch wrapping machines (like the MA-X) have a rotation speed of 30 RPM and a production capacity of 60-75 loads per hour.

8. Improved Inventory Control

Stacking similar products together makes inventorying easier. This also reduces the chances of product separation that can make inventory counts time-consuming. However, with clear and consistent stretch wraps, you can scan straight through it if you are using a scanning system.

A stretch wrapping system will bring consistency and safety in your production line regardless of the size and location of your warehouse. If the numerous benefits that a stretch wrapping machine brings have piqued your curiosity, you can check out our full line of automatic wrapping systems today or contact one of our product specialists.

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